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Orange Grove Center, Inc.

Who We Are

Orange Grove Center is a private, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization
serving approximately 1000 children and adults with intellectual/
developmental disabilities in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia.

Founded in 1953, the Center provides programs and services designed to
maximize the opportunities for and support the individuals we serve in
the community.

Our mission is to recognize, support and celebrate the qualities of the individual. 

What We Do

Programs include school-age children’s services and adult services, ranging
from job readiness and training, supported and competitive employment
services, and a full spectrum of residential services. Additional services
include a health care clinic; dental clinic; speech, occupational and physical
therapy services; behavior analyst services; and life enrichment programs
including dance, music, and art.  All programs are individualized to meet
the needs of each person we serve over the course of their entire lives.